Goldie in the media

Goldie in the media

Creator Summit to Spotlight LinkedIn's Growing Video Community at VidCon
Announcing Goldie Chan as 2018 Vidcon’s host.
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If You Haven’t Yet Met the “Oprah of LinkedIn Videos”, You Probably Should
An Interview with Goldie Chan.
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11 LinkedIn Experts Share Their Best Unusual Hack for LinkedIn Marketing
Goldie Chan reveals her hack for better LinkedIn results.
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12 Questions With Goldie Chan
What could 12 questions reveal about the future of social media?
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14 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Boost Your Productivity
Just ask Goldie Chan, who runs a creative agency, yet finds the time to upload a video to LinkedIn every day.
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3 Growth Hacks Every Entrepreneur Should Use in 2018
According to Goldie Chan, Linkedin Video Content Expert, you can do this in a few easy steps.
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Forbes interviews

Forbes Interview: Monica Lin x Goldie
Forbes Interview: Shavone Charles x Goldie
Forbes Interview: Pip Jamieson x Goldie
Forbes Interview: Satine Phoenix x Goldie
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