3 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand as a Remote Assistant
Whether you are already in the business, or you are considering becoming an RA, building a professional brand is essential to your success.

The remote assistant (RA) industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. With an increasing number of people becoming self-employed, launching their own businesses, and setting up their offices at home, the demand for remote assistants is skyrocketing. Whether you are already in the business, or you are considering becoming an RA, building a professional brand is essential to your success. If you want to know how to establish your brand, and gain a competitive advantage in this sector, keep reading.

Build A Professional Website

Never underestimate the power of a professional website, not only does it give people a secure way of contacting you, it lets them know that you’re serious about your business. A website gives you credibility and increases your chances of securing contracts. There are thousands of RAs out there, and entrepreneurs want access to them, but how they gain access will determine whether you’re hired or not. Everything a client needs to know about the services you provide is on your website. It clearly communicates the information they need to make an intelligent decision about your business.

Establish A Social Media Presence

No social media, no brand. It’s that simple; if you want exposure, social media is the cheapest marketing tool there is. It’s free, you won’t need to invest a penny to set up a profile, and platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook give you access to millions of potential clients worldwide. The beauty of being a virtual assistant is that you can work with anyone no matter what part of the world they live in. Social media will help you leverage this opportunity.

Leverage Social Proof

What are people saying about your brand? How have the services you’ve provided benefited others? Social proof is basically reviews, you can stand on top of a mountain and tell the world how good you are, but your word carries nowhere near as much weight as a satisfied customer. Before you buy a product, do you read the companies description of themselves, or do you go to an independent third party website to read what other people have got to say? According to a recent survey,  the majority of consumers between the ages of 19-34 trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations. Therefore, having positive reviews online is essential. If you’ve just started out, and you haven’t secured any clients, do some work for friends and family, and get them to write a review.

You now have the information at your fingertips, your job is to take massive action and start building a successful personal brand that will take your remote assistant career to the next level.

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