Branding Tips for Introverted Online Entrepreneurs
Ever feel totally awkward making a social media post about your business? You might be an introvert.

Ever feel totally awkward making a social media post about your business? You might be an introvert. The digital age has brought about new opportunities for just about anyone to start a business online. Online marketplaces, like Etsy, have empowered a wave of solopreneurs. But when it comes to branding, it can feel intimidating for the introverts in the crowded online space. Here are a few ways to comfortably grow your business and your brand.

Be candid with your audience.

Leveling with your audience on social media can take away some pressure to perform online. Self-deprecating humor is often used by people with higher emotional intelligence, and can be used to build trust with others. It allows you to be candid with people about your anxieties in a light-hearted manner. When your audience sees you as more human, you know your brand is beginning to build.

Focus on your craft.

Self-promotion can feel cringe-inducing as an introvert online. Luckily, touting about how great you are all the time isn’t a necessary part of your personal brand. Introverts should focus on sharing their craft. For example, a pottery artist on Etsy may share videos of creating vases. There is no need to tell people how awesome you are, because it shines clearly through your craft.

Quality, not quantity.

Many solopreneurs may feel like they need to constantly grow their subscriber and follower lists in order to continue growing their business and brand. However, having 300 engaged followers and fans is far more powerful than 3,000 casual fans. Focus on cultivating relationships with the few, rather than the many. When your audience feels connected to you, they will stick with you in the long run.

Introverted entrepreneurs face many challenges, but leaning into their strengths can help them excel. The digital solopreneur space can feel loud, but being candid with your audience will help you stand out. Sharing your craft, rather than talking about why you are the best at what you do, will be more powerful. Focusing on quality fans over high-volumes of followers will tap into that introverted need for deeper relationships. These tips will help entrepreneurs on their way to creating a strong foundation for a successful brand.

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